Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Russian names for weekdays and their origin

In this post you'll learn Russian words for days of the week. It might be easier to memorize them when you know about their origin.

понедельник - Monday
comes from неделя - week

вторник - Tuesday
второй - second

среда - Wednesday
середина - middle

четверг - Thursday
четвёртый - fourth

пятница - Friday
пятый - fifth

суббота - Saturday
from Shabbat

воскресенье - Sunday
воскресенье/воскресение/воскрешение – resurrection

Via RussianPlus.


  1. that is so easy, I never was thinking before about the meaning... I knew them just cause we used it in family!
    Love your posts!!!

    1. Thanks!
      When I learn new words, I often try to see if they are related to any of the words I already know.


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