Monday, February 25, 2013

Дать, отдать, продать...

  Russian verb дать (to give) has a big family. There are many words with -дат- made by adding prefixes and suffixes to it. Let's have a look at some of them.

дать/давать - to give
(here are its conjugations)

отдать - to give away, to give back
подать - to present, to offer, to serve, to hand in
продать - to sell
преподать - to teach
задать - to give, to set, to indicate

You can check more meanings of these words here.

A few nouns made from these verbs:

отдача - output, return, response
подача - presentation, serving, inning (in sports)
продавец - seller, salesman
продажа - sale
преподаватель - teacher
задание - task, assignment

Кому они отдали свою собаку? - To whom did they give away their dog?
Отдай мне мою игрушку! - Give me back my toy! :)
Подай мне пальто. - Hand me my jacket.
Мне продали кота в мешке. - They sold me «a cat in a sack».
Нам столько домашки задали! - They gave us so much homework!
Наш новый преподаватель задаёт странные вопросы. - Our new teacher asks strange questions.
Дай мне слово, что... - Promise me that... (literally: give me [your] word)

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