Sunday, November 4, 2012

Idioms and proverbs about fear in Russian

Below are five Russian idioms and proverbs about fear.

1. У страха глаза велики - «Fear has big eyes»
A coward sees danger everywhere.

2. Глаза боятся, а руки делают (глаза страшатся, а руки делают) - «Eyes are scared, but hands are working»
We say this when we have to start doing something difficult, something that might take forever to accomplish. It's a way to encourage someone: it's not that hard, it's doable.

3. На свой страх и риск - «For one's own fear and risk»
It's about taking responsibility all by yourself. For example, you want to do something risky that no one will help you with, no one will support you – you'll be doing it на свой страх и риск.

4. Рыцарь без страха и упрёка - «A knight without fear or blame»
Often used jokingly: a brave man, a gentleman without flaws.

5. Волка бояться, в лес не ходить - «Being afraid of a wolf means not going to the forest»
If you're afraid of something, you won't do it, so just forget about your fears (and wolves) and do it!

Basic vocabulary:

страх - fear
бояться, страшиться - to be afraid, to fear
боязливый - fearful
испуг - fright
испугаться - to get a fright
пугать, напугать - to scare, to startle
испуганный, напуганный - scared
спугнуть - to flush, to frighten away
кошмар - nightmare
трус - coward
трусиха - coward (fem.)

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