Thursday, November 22, 2012

Russian vocabulary: Twilight vampires and werewolves

  Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 is in theaters now, so finally this “saga” is over. For those of you learning Russian who like Twilight stuff, here is a bit of useful vocabulary.

Белла Свон
Эдвард Каллен
Джейкоб Блэк

вампир - vampire
кровь - blood
клыки - fangs
кусать - to bite
яд - poison, venom
чтение мыслей - mind reading
читать мысли - to read someone's mind
оборотень - werewolf or were- anything
индеец - an Indian
стая - pack
вожак (стаи) - leader (of a pack)
запечатление - imprinting
скучная героиня - boring heroine
Спайк гораздо лучше Эдварда — Spike is so much better than Edward

Books' titles in Russian:

Сумерки - Twilight
Новолуние - New Moon
Затмение - Eclipse
Рассвет - Breaking Dawn
Солнце полуночи - Midnight sun
Недолгая вторая жизнь Бри Таннер - Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

And, Russian trailers:

Personally, I think these dubs are awful :D It seems the trailers are not official, released before the official dub was finished.

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