Thursday, September 13, 2012

Celebrities speaking Russian

  Some foreign celebrities have Russian roots or lived in Russia, so they speak Russian a bit. Some learned a few words for their visit to Russia or to play a Russian character. Below are a few videos of famous actors speaking Russian. If they are not afraid to speak sometimes not so perfect Russian in public, why should you be? ;)

Mila Kunis

Milla Jovovich
Turn the subtitles on by clicking CC. Some fun insights into Russian weddings and drinking of alcohol :D. The video ends with everyone performing a song in Ukrainian.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Удачи тебе. До свидания." Good luck to you. Good bye.

Russian characters played by non-Slavic actors almost always speak Russian that is hard to understand for me. And their obvious English accent really undermines their character's spy undercover :D. But kudos to brave actors trying to speak Russian anyway!

Daniel Craig

Steven Seagal
Steven starts speaking a bit of Russian at 02:26 where he shows some secret martial art thing. The video ends with them performing blues.

Hugh Laurie

«Войди, моя малышкаCome in, my baby. Though we often say заходи or зайди instead of войди in this situation.

Ville Haapasalo

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