Monday, March 18, 2013

Russian vocabulary: привычка, привыкнуть

  Today we will look at Russian words describing habits and doing things one is used to.

привычка - custom, habit, wont, mannerism
привыкнуть - to get used to, to become accustomed to
отвыкнуть - to get out of the habit of, to become disaccustomed
привычный - habitual, customary, accustomed
привычно - habitually
непривычный - unusual, unfamiliar, uncustomary
вредная (дурная) привычка - “harmful habit”, bad, obsessive habit (such as smoking or biting your fingernails)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Russian texts online

  Reading is one of the best ways to enrich your vocabulary and improve grammar skills. If you don't have access to physical books in Russian, there are still many options online.

Project Gutenberg offers free e-books in many languages including Russian.

Журнал «Самиздат» is a place where Russian beginner authors can publish their works online. Some even get a contract with a publisher, if their stories become popular. You can search the site by genre (Жанры), view latest entries (Последние поступления) or simply check the best works (Избранное, Топ-40 and Топ-30).

Стихи.Ру publishes modern poetry in Russian.

Multilingual Books offers you an extensive list of links to Russian literature online.
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