Sunday, January 27, 2013

Уже vs ещё

  Уже means already, yet, by now; ещё means yet, more. Here is how you use them.

Они уже проснулись. - They already woke up.
Уже готово. - Already done/ready.
Уже поздно. - It's already late.
Я уже не студент. - I'm not a student anymore. The same meaning: Я больше не студент.
Она давно уже живёт в Москве. - She's been living in Moscow for some time now.
Я уже сделал(а) это. - I've already done that.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Russian trailers of foreign movies

  If watching a whole movie in Russian seems too much work for you, why not start with trailers? You can practice your listening comprehension and vocabulary, and it won't take that much time. Here are a few trailers to get you started.

Анна Каренина

Хоббит: Нежданное путешествие
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Облачный атлас
Cloud Atlas

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to use хотя

  “Although” in Russian is хотя (хоть). Most of the time either form can be used.

Хотя на улице лил дождь, Ваня и Саша пошли погулять. - Although it was raining, Vanya and Sasha went for a walk.
Хоть у Стаса и мало времени, он успевает заниматься и карате, и танцами. - Although Stas has little time, he manages to do both karate and dancing.
Хотя Даша читает англоязычные книги, она всё ещё не говорит по-английски. - Although Dasha reads a lot in English, she still doesn't speak it.
Света играет на пианино каждый день, хотя пока не видно результатов. - Sveta plays piano every day, although you can't see the results yet.
Ужин был невкусным, и хотя Лида была голодной, она не доела своё блюдо. - The supper was not yummy, and although Lida was hungry, she didn't finish her meal.
Хоть ему и 50 лет, он по-прежнему любит видео-игры. - Although he is 50, he still enjoys video games.
Хотя то, что Мария увидела, её потрясло, она никому об этом не рассказала. - Although what she saw shook her, Maria didn't tell anyone about it.
Хоть у него и большая зарплата, он тратит все деньги за пару дней. - Although he has a big salary, he spends all the money in a couple of days.

These words have other meanings too:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Горячий vs жаркий

  Both горячий and жаркий mean hot. Sometimes either one is fine, sometimes only one of them fits the context. Hopefully, the examples below will show you the difference between горячий and жаркий.


горячий шоколад – hot chocolate
горячее, горячие блюда – warm main meal(s), for example, soups, as opposed to salads or desserts
горячая вода – hot water
горячий утюг – hot iron
горячий песок – hot sand
горячий лоб – hot forehead (in fever)
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