Friday, June 15, 2012

Russian poetry read by a native

  Below are five Russian poems recited by Boris Vetrov. I linked to their texts as well, so you can read along if you want.

Alexander PushkinУ Лукоморья

Vladimir NabokovВ полнолунье

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to say you are for or against something in Russian

  If you want to say you're for something, you use за. If you're against something you use против. On to examples!

за - for
против - against

быть за — to be in favour
быть против — to be against
Ты за? - Are you in favour [of it]?
Кто за? - Those in favour?
Все против. - All against.
Ты не против? - You're not against it? Do you mind?
Ты не против, если я возьму это? - Do you mind if I take this?
Я за мир во всём мире. - I'm for world peace.
Я против войны. - I'm against war.
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