Saturday, February 2, 2013

11+ common Russian colloquial words

  Here are a few easy words from spoken Russian. One cannot always use formal speech, right? ;)

крутой - cool (non-colloquial meaning: steep, sharp)

культовый - cult, extremely popular, iconic, from культ - cult (non-colloquial meaning: cultic, of religious worship)

чувак - dude

бабки, бабло, капуста - money (деньги in formal speech)

штука - 1000 rubles/dollars, etc. (non-colloquial meaning: thing)

лимон (from миллион) - million rubles/dollars, etc. (non-colloquial meaning: lemon)

мобильник (from мобильный телефон) - cell phone

клава (from клавиатура) - computer keyboard (non-colloquial meaning: Клава is a form of a female name Клавдия)

мать (from материнская плата) - motherboard (non-colloquial meaning: mother)

мыло (from имейл) - email (non-colloquial meaning: soap)

тачка - car (машина, автомобиль in formal speech; non-colloquial meaning: wheelbarrow)


Он крутой чувак, у него много бабла. - He is a cool dude, he's got lots of money.
Я за это десять штук заплатил. - I paid ten grand for this.
Это крутая тачка! - That's a great car!
У меня мать полетела. - My motherboard crashed.
Чак Норрис — культовый персонаж в Интернете. - Chuck Norris is an iconic character in the Internet.

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