Saturday, October 20, 2012

Russian fairy tale Teremok

Теремок (or Терем-теремок) is a well-known Russian skazka (fairy tale), and it's rather easy to read for people learning Russian. Terem is a type of a house.

You can read one of the story's versions here (features some beautiful illustrations). I'll help you with cute animal nicknames from there:

мышка, мышь - mouse, нора - hole, burrow

лягушка - frog, квакать - to croak, ква-ква - ribbit, croak

зайчик, заяц - hare, бегать - to run

лисичка, лиса - fox, сестричка, сестра - sister

волчок-серый бочок
волчок, волк - wolf, серый бок - grey side

медведь косолапый
медведь - bear, косолапый - bandy-legged

Such names are used for these animals not only in Teremok, so if you plan on reading more Russian skazkas, they can be useful to know. You can also read my post about making Russian words cuter (like мышка и зайчик).

And you can always listen to two audio versions of the story or watch a cartoon in Russian.

Female voice

Male voice


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