Thursday, February 9, 2012

When Russian prepositions are in love...

  What happens when two prepositions meet and fall in love? They want to stay together!

That's what happened a long time ago when two Russian prepositions из (from) met за (behind) and под (under). They liked each other so much that they merged into new prepositions — из-за (from behind) and из-под (from under). Let's see how they are used nowadays.


Кот вытащил игрушку из-за дивана.
The cat pulled its toy from behind the sofa.

Из-за горы показалось солнце.
Sun appeared from behind a mountain.

This preposition also has another meaning – из-за can mean 'because'.

Я люблю пиццу из-за сыра.
I like pizza because of cheese.

Из-за дождя мы не пошли гулять.
Because of rain we didn't go for a walk.


Кот вытащил игрушку из-под дивана.
The cat pulled its toy from under the sofa.

Из-под крышки валил пар.
Steam was pouring out from under the lid.


  1. I love your good paingtings, especially the top one. So cute! Thank you for your lesson. I'm trying to read Russian sentenses!!But for now too difficult to pronounce but interesting.

    1. Thank you :)

      I guess Russian language has quite many sounds that are hard for Japanese to pronounce, like when there are many consonants in a row. Good luck!


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