Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Russian words for “both”

  There are two words (or rather, two forms of a word) for “both” in Russian language:
оба — for masculine and neutral nouns
обе — for feminine nouns.

оба носка — both socks
оба друга — both friends

оба ведра — both buckets
оба солнца — both suns

обе девушки — both girls
обе стороны — both sides

Оба были молоды. — Both were young.
Возьми обе шоколадки. — Take both chocolate bars.
Оба его брата любили играть в видеоигры. — Both his brothers liked to play video games.
Они обе съели по мороженому. — Both of them [females] ate one ice cream each.
Они оба выпили по стакану молока. — Both of them [males] drank a glass of milk each.
В обеих деревнях живёт много народу. — There are many people in both villages.
В обоих городах есть парки. — Both cities have parks.
Обеим дочерям отец привёз подарки. — A father brought presents for both his daughters.

You can check conjugation and other details about these words here.


  1. Informative post, Ekaterina. I enjoyed it even I don't understand well.

    1. Thank you! Is the problem in the Russian text or are my explanations not so clear?


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