Saturday, December 3, 2011

Feeling lazy, Russian style

  How to say you're lazy to do something in Russian? Quite easy! Мне лень. That's it. It's pretty convenient when you're feeling all lazy to say anything longer, right? ;-)

On to examples!
лень - laziness

Надо помыть посуду, но мне лень.
Dishes should be washed, but I don't want to do it.

— Таня, почему ты не сделала это?
— Лень!
«Tanya, why didn't you do it?» - «I felt lazy!»

Ему было лень вынести мусор.
He couldn't be bothered to take thrash out.

Всё кажется трудным, когда тебе лень.
Everything seems difficult, when you're lazy about it.

Павлу всегда лень что-либо сделать, он такой лентяй!
Paul never wants to do anything, he is such a lazybones!

Zoobonus: ленивец - sloth.

Now is your turn. Tell us what you're usually lazy about, in Russian. I'll start:
Мне часто лень пылесосить.
I often cannot be bothered to vacuum.

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