Friday, September 30, 2011

Russian songs with lyrics + Singing vocabulary

I have found a nice channel on Youtube that shares Russian songs with their lyrics and much more. Even if you don't like singing, it's still a nice practice for listening comprehension. (If you want to know 7 reasons for using music and singing in your language practice, read this.)

In addition here's some useful Russian vocabulary:

петь — to sing
песня — song
певец — singer (male)
певица — singer (female)
голос — voice
высокий голос — high voice
низкий голос — low voice
петь песню, петь песни — to sing a song, to sing songs
хор — choir

У него красивый голос. - He has a beautiful voice.
Она поёт популярную песню. - She sings a popular song.
Певица поёт песню. - A singer is singing a song.

la la la la la ♫


  1. Enjoyed listening to this. :)

  2. It was a nice song. And also it was all easy words for me to understand.Thank you!
    Ekaterina san, last Sunday my doughter and I took a certain exam of russian language.We reviewed and practiced a lot for it. Then, now I am under the illusion that I hear even a japanese verb as a russian. Sayonara, bremja sayonaroi, k sayonare,ne hotju sayonarju,c sayonaroi,b

  3. Aww, so cute ^.^ My husband and I do it all the time, makes language learning much funnier. You are Russified ^.^

    How did exam go, by the way?


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