Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My favourite Russian saying

Язык мой — враг мой.
My tongue is my enemy.

That's true. Sometimes we say things that we regret saying. For example, you said something to an angry person, and this person started shouting at you. Now you think it probably was better to stay quiet. You think your tongue is your enemy. Язык мой — враг мой.

Or, a child skipped school and went to a park instead. He comes home and, excited, tells his parents about something he saw there. “But weren't you in school in that time?” Oops. Язык мой — враг мой.

An enemy, a traitor, a bringer of suffering – that's what your tongue can be sometimes, right? :-D. Have you ever wished to take your words back? If yes, now you know what to say. Not that it would change anything and help you... O:-)


  1. Язык мой — враг мой.We have the same proverb in my country,too. And I, however, always regret that I didn't say...

  2. Can you tell me how it sounds in Japanese? ^_^

  3. Sure,
    - Kuchi wa wazawai no moto -
    means, my mouth is a cause of trouble or something like this.

  4. Arigatou, I'll learn it ^.^ So nice that there's something common in our mother tongues ^^


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