Monday, September 24, 2012

Russian prefix от-

  The prefix от- comes from a preposition от (from, of). Words with от- often mean moving away from somewhere.

отсюда - from here, hence
откуда - where from
отойти - leave, withdraw, stand back
отъехать - pull off, drive off
отлететь - fly off
отбежать - run away
отнести - carry away
отменить - to cancel
отложить - lay aside, save
отстать - fall behind
отвернуться - face away, turn one's back
отодвинуться - to move away


От деревни до города 50 километров. - It's 50 km from the village to the city.
Мне отсюда ничего не видно. - I can't see anything from here.
Откуда ты родом? - Where are you from?
Машина отъехала от дома. - A car drove away from the house.
Отойди от меня! - Move away from me!
Он отстал от нас. - He fell behind us.
Увидев это, она отвернулась. - After seeing it, she turned away.
Мячик отлетел от стены. - A ball flew away from the wall.
Девочка отодвинулась от стола. - The girl moved away from the table.
Отнеси это туда. - Take it there.
Я отложила для тебя книги. - I saved some books for you.
Урок отменили. - The lesson was canceled.

As you probably noticed, after verbs with от- we often use the preposition от, but there can be other prepositions as well depending on the sentence.

Спортсмен отбежал от стены. - A sportsman ran away from the wall.
Собака отбежала на пару метров. - A dog ran two meters away.
Кошка отбежала в сторону. - A cat ran aside.

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