Thursday, March 8, 2012

A weird type of a Russian dog

  You've met this dog before, you just didn't know it was called a dog. In Russian language the symbol @ is called собака (sobaka, a dog) or собачка (sobachka, a small dog). I don't know any other name for @ in Russian.

When you tell your email to someone, you say собака for @: — хххх собака ххх точка ком
очка, tochka - a dot)

There are two theories about the origin of this word. One states that @ in certain Soviet computers had a shorter “tail” and looked more like a dog. Another version is that in some game called Adventure there was a dog following a player, and @ was its symbol.

Russian language can be cute as well! :)

Read also about what Russian email and soap have in common here.
Read a Wikipedia article about @ in Russian here.


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